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BT Trestle Methodology
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Retail industry is going through a revolution. Poised on the cusp of a new digital reality where digital content meets proximity marketing,  it has become increasingly challenging to have a seamless experience between back office operations (merchandizing, distribution, planning) and customer engagement / cross channel commerce, campaigns, and marketing. Key issues faced by businesses in this vertical are the ablity to streamline back office operations and translate efficiencies to cross channel commerce as they strive to be competetive in the market place while increasing customer engagement. We help our clients mitigate these challenges by providing them a strategy to help effect business transformations of back office operations, craft omni channel and distributed order management strategies, and an unified cloud based digital platform to create, publish and manage their digital content, Real time Analytics and Digital Asset Management (DAM).

Public Sector 

Most local and state governments and associated agencies are working towards consolidating their infrastructure and migrating some or all of their applications to private and hybrid cloud solutions and putting togther an updated security  architecture as they go through this transition. Our methodology helps them naviagte this transition efficiently and mitigating risk while ensuring successful outcomes. We have worked with different agencies implementing Enterprise Planning, Budgeting, Human Capital Management, Financials and Procurement while also providing an integration platform across legacy and 3rd party applications.



Traditionally Telecommunications industry had hardware, software and services as three pillars. But in the Digital age we live in, hardware, software and services are changing rapidly to accomodate the continous blurring of lines between exisiting technologies. For e.g. Voice over IP changed the way we viewed telephones and going one step further we are at a point where we dont require a handset to conduct a telephone conversation. One of the key consequence of this blurring of lines between technologies is a data implosion of significant order.  Having an ability to build measurable analytics for this data serves not only as a means for telco's to improve quality of service significantly but also helps them stay relevant and competetive. Additionally using Internet of Things (IOT) to gather real time machine to machine metrics allows us to automate both operational and business applications. Our deep expertise within the Telecommunications industry, our core technology and data management solutions uniquely positions us to provide Telcos with the right strategy and execution. 


In the last decade technologies supporting the healthcare industry have increased manifold. From portals and content management, data management applications and databases, EHR's, HIE's to wearable / personal monitors like pedometers, blood pressure meters, blood sugar meters, heart pacers and other medical equipment used for surgeries and basic medical care, technologies that support every facet of the healthcare industry are being continously developed and fined tuned. While all this progress is great news, it has also created technology silos. Independent pockets of technology that dont talk to each other or share information. While Health Information Exchanges (HIE's) and Electronic Health Records (EHR's) are becoming a way to bridge the information gaps, there is still tremendous opportunity to create a seamless network out of these seperate silos of technology and create a complete information model about each patient. With our data management solutions, we strive to get our clients one step closer to this ideal view of healthcare data while keeping their data secure. Combining our Big Data expertise to our data management solutions provides real time insights that help improve quality of service, patient handling and recognizing efficiencies in various healthcare processes. 

Our Solutions 

BT Digital - a digital experience platform

What is a digital experience platform?

Digital experience, as commonly explained, refers to what consumers want - a simple, fluid experience on all available digital channels. This experience extends to all facets of life as we know it today. A digital experience platform on the other hand allows the provider (of any service, product or experience) the ability to provide this experience to their consumers across multiple digital channels and touchpoints.


Why is a digital experience platform important?

Successful providers are able to craft a digital strategy that integrates the digital experience within the fabric of their organization so they can translate it into their products, services and interactions with the consumers. Not only this, they must have the ability to do so within the short timeframes available during their off-seasons in order to be able to better react / stay ahead of the market changes. Here is where BT Trestle can best help customers achieve their digital experience vision. Our expertise in crafting digital strategies combined with our digital experience platform – BT Digital provides a solid foundation on which businesses can build and expand.

Why BT Digital?

BT Digital is built as a Platform as a Service (PaaS) Solution and leverages our collective 40+ years of integration experience as well as core expertise across different technologies to create a unique offering that allows our clients the abilities to integrate their content, commerce, services, marketing, analytics, customer data while also managing their digital assets. Our architecture gives us the ability to provide a seamless, streamlined and efficient means to integrate various systems by using -

  • Reusable framework that makes future integration more efficient and cost effective

  • Built in integration adapters that help customers bridge gaps within their existing architecture as well as third party platforms


Here is what we can do to help you get the most out of your digital experience strategy -

  • End to End digital experience with UX design and development based on our extensive experience in –

    • User Engagement

    • Responsive Web Development (RWD)

    • Digital Experience Management

    • Digital Content Management

    • Commerce Platforms

    • Integration Platforms

    • Search, Analytics and Insight

  • Build Web and Mobile Apps leveraging RWD

    • Support for Multiple Touch points

    • Screen OS, Size, Density and Orientation

  • Road Map with flexible strategy that adjusts as Business and Technology in digital experience evolves

  • Deploy, Support and Maintain both On-Premise and Cloud based Solutions

  • Integration Adapter between WEM, WCM, Adobe and Commerce

  • Templates and Content for WEM for Quick Site Launches

  • RWD/Adaptive Templates to Kick Start Development

  • Mobile Accelerator Experience to provide quick turnaround time for Apps

    • Support for Mobile SDKs like Xamarin, Kony, PhoneGap etc,.

We are primarily focusing on following verticals as we refine and develop our platform – Retail, Consumer Goods, Media and Entertainment.

Key Partnerships

40 + years of combined experience across Oracle Core Tech, Oracle Applications and Oracle Retail.

Working closely with Oracle Channel, Sales and  Business Development teams on joint Go-To-Market initiatives around Oracle SaaS and PaaS offerings.

Regular contributor at Oracle Open World, Oracle Retail Industry Connect, Partner Advisory Council, Customer Advisory Boards and ISV Executive Panel.

Working on various packaged solutions on Oracle PaaS for various Oracle SaaS applications.

Partnered with Oracle Product Development and Product Engineering and ISV Groups to develop BT Digital on the Oracle PaaS platform.

We are an active partner collaborating with Mark Logic to develop BT Digital Asset Management component on Mark Logic Database.

We are also working closely with the Mark Logic Channel and Sales Organizations to jointly deliver Data Management & Data Consolidation solutions.

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